Definition of hematophagous in English:



(British haematophagous)
  • (of an animal, especially an insect or tick) feeding on blood.

    ‘As a vector's biting rate largely determines the dynamics and epidemiology of parasites that rely on hematophagous insects for transmission, the vector is expected to be the target for behavioral manipulation by the parasite.’
    • ‘In nature arboviruses are routinely maintained by transmission cycles involving the passage of virus between susceptible vertebrate hosts and hematophagous arthropod vectors.’
    • ‘The ectoparasites, in particular the hematophagous swallow bug (Hemiptera: Cimicidae: Oeciacus vicarius), are responsible for much of the nestling mortality and nest failures that occur in our study area.’
    • ‘The advantages of being venomous are less clear for ticks, which are obligate, hematophagous parasites that depend on their host for a blood meal.’
    • ‘Non haematophagous feeding habit, highest rate of parasitism, stinging capacity, ability to survive in various climate and to recycle in natural environment may enhance its potential for use as a biological agent.’



/ˌhēməˈtäfəɡəs/ /ˌhiməˈtɑfəɡəs/