Definition of hematozoon in English:


nounplural noun hematozoa/-ˈzōə/

  • Any parasitic organism that lives in the blood.

    ‘This paper would not have been possible without the assistance of the late Gordon R Bennett, who graciously examined blood smears for hematozoa.’
    • ‘In 1999 we prepared blood smears from all adults to check for the presence of hematozoa, bloodborne parasites transmitted by biting Diptera.’
    • ‘Blood smears can detect infection by these hematozoa, but are thought to have low diagnostic sensitivity.’
    • ‘Birds that were captured twice during the breeding season were considered to have been parasitized for analyses of return rates if hematozoa were detected in either sample.’
    • ‘We found that 85% of the birds harbored hematozoa, and the intensity of infection averaged 93.9 parasites per 100 microscope fields.’



/hiˌmatəˈzōən/ /hɪˌmætəˈzoʊən/