Definition of hemidemisemiquaver in English:



British Music
  • A note with the time value of half a demisemiquaver, represented by a large dot with a four-hooked stem.

    • ‘There was this very specific attention to every hemidemisemiquaver and how quintuplets were going to inter-relate with this and how the texture of the cymbalom would work with the mandolin versus the harps and so on.’
    • ‘Jackson is a noted perfectionist who wants to get every hemidemisemiquaver right, and if the material is strong enough that true emotion gets through the handiwork, all the better.’
    • ‘We hear his dizzy, endless melodic chain of hemidemisemiquavers pouring from the chromatic button keyboard of three accordions.’
    • ‘It's pretty unusual to find hemidemisemiquavers in pieces of music, because most of the time they're too short to be significant - just 1/64th of a semibreve.’
    • ‘Endless varieties of notational patterns (up to hemidemisemiquavers) and ornaments can be created by combing the characters in the font’