Definition of hemimetabolous in English:



  • (of an insect) having no pupal stage in the transition from larva to adult.

    ‘The immature nymphs of hemimetabolous insects such as the grasshopper or cockroach for instance are born with adult-like morphology.’
    • ‘Eye development in hemimetabolous insects such as the grasshopper Schistocerca americana is a repetitive multi-step process which starts in the embryo and extends through postembryogenesis.’
    • ‘This second gene is only found in holometabolous insects, Drosophila, and silkworms but not in the more primitive hemimetabolous insects, like grasshoppers or springtails.’
    • ‘Not much is supposed to happen in terms of form changes throughout larval life until the end, when metamorphosis occurs in holometabolous forms, or when wings sprout out of preformed wing pads in hemimetabolous nymphs.’



/ˌheməməˈtabələs/ /ˌhɛməməˈtæbələs/