Definition of hemimorphite in English:



mass noun
  • A mineral consisting of hydrated zinc silicate, typically occurring as flat white prisms.

    • ‘Pseudomorphs of sphalerite after galena, tetrahedrite, barite, and calcite have been found; hemimorphite and smithsonite pseudomorphs after sphalerite are reported.’
    • ‘Local collectors had tentatively identified it as willemite or smithsonite, based perhaps on the occurrence of botryoidal blue hemimorphite at the same locality.’
    • ‘Historically, smithsonite is referred to as calamine in some descriptive literature, particularly that related to Great Britain and Australia, leading to confusion with hemimorphite if specific compositional data are lacking.’
    • ‘Unusual cuprite pseudomorphs after azurite have been found at the Rose mine, Grant County, and cuprite-included hemimorphite is reported from the Blanchard mine in the Hansonburg district, Socorro County.’
    • ‘Adamite occurs with conichalcite, agardite, and hemimorphite.’