Definition of hemocyte in English:



  • A blood cell, especially in an invertebrate.

    ‘Circulating blood cells known as hemocytes represent the main cellular component of the molluscan immune system.’
    • ‘The corresponding larval phenotypes include hypertrophied hematopoietic organs, increased numbers of circulating hemocytes, and abnormal differentiation of lamellocytes that represent up to 50% of the cells.’
    • ‘By studying shrimp at different times during the 5 day molt cycle, we observed the cyclic increase of tyrosine within the hemocytes with a maximum during days 1 and 5, when quinones are necessary for tanning the exoskeleton.’
    • ‘Several studies have revealed the ability of circulating hemocytes to respond to a variety of soluble vertebrate factors, indirectly suggesting the presence of receptors to a variety of growth, hormonal and cytokine-like factors.’
    • ‘These results support the hypothesis that aggregation of hemocytes in the gills impairs normal respiratory function and help explain the increased susceptibility of crustaceans to infectious disease in hypoxic environments.’



/ˈhēməˌsīt/ /ˈhiməˌsaɪt/