Definition of hemolymph in English:



(British haemolymph)
  • A fluid equivalent to blood in most invertebrates, occupying the hemocoel.

    ‘The researchers need to gather thousands of the insects to get just a few milliliters of the insect's blood, called hemolymph, which is the green liquid in the vial.’
    • ‘Prior to ablation a control serum profile showed little if any detectable yolk protein in hemolymph of the shrimp.’
    • ‘Hemolymph was extracted from males by making a small incision in the outside margin of one of the hind wings (usually the right), and drawing hemolymph from the wound by using a microhematocrit capillary tube.’
    • ‘In addition to inorganic osmolytes, insect hemolymph contains high levels of free amino acids.’
    • ‘It floats in circulating hemolymph that is presumably oxygenated from non-lantern tracheal sources.’



/ˈhēməˌlim(p)f/ /ˈhiməˌlɪm(p)f/