Definition of hemolysin in English:



  • A substance in the blood that destroys red blood cells and liberates hemoglobin.

    ‘There are many bacterial virulence factors that may contribute to clinical outcomes, including bacterial hemolysins, proteases, and siderophores.’
    • ‘Phospholipase and lecithinase are hemolysins that act synergistically to break down lipids and lecithin.’
    • ‘In a subsequent article we will provide the same analysis for DNA transport through [alpha] hemolysin.’
    • ‘In experiments one usually measures the time it takes one voltage-driven single-stranded DNA to translocate through the [alpha] hemolysin channel of a known structure.’
    • ‘It is interesting to note that the interaction of another hemolytic protein, the earthworm hemolysin eiseniapore, with lipid membranes has been shown to require sphingolipids.’



/hiˈmälisin/ /hɪˈmɑlɪsɪn/