Definition of hemopoiesis in English:



(British haemopoiesis)
  • The production of blood cells and platelets, which occurs in the bone marrow.

    Also called hematogenesis

    ‘Under normal conditions of hemopoiesis, the bone marrow acts as a site for the turnover and traffic of mature leukocytes to the peripheral circulation.’
    • ‘One may speculate that these immature B cells may play a critical role in the regenerative regulation of hemopoiesis, as well as in immune functions in the context of chronic cytopenias.’
    • ‘In the massively enlarged spleen, extramedullary hemopoiesis was prominent, with clusters of atypical megakaryocytes with vacuoles and erythrophagocytosis.’
    • ‘These studies may thus provide an insight into the regulators as well as the basic mechanism of hemopoiesis, hemopoietic regeneration and the underlying causes of hemopoietic disorders.’
    • ‘The modulating effect of drugs on hemopoiesis in exposure to neurotic factors is a consequence of their influence on the functional state of the cell elements of the hemopoiesis-inducing microenvironment.’



/ˌhēməˌpoiˈēsəs/ /ˌhiməˌpɔɪˈisəs/


Early 20th century from hemo-‘of blood’ + Greek poiēsis ‘making’.