Definition of hemostat in English:



(British haemostat)
  • An instrument for preventing the flow of blood from an open blood vessel by compression of the vessel.

    ‘If injecting a corticosteroid after aspiration, a hemostat is used to stabilize the needle while the syringe is changed.’
    • ‘In contrast, although not originally intended as permanent implants, in practice bioabsorbable hemostats are often left in the surgical bed to prevent rebleeding after surgical closure.’
    • ‘The tourniquet then is tightened and secured by perpendicularly placing a hemostat at the end of the catheter farthest from the vessel.’
    • ‘When aspiration precedes injection, the needle is held with a hemostat while the syringe is changed.’
    • ‘The new hemostat stopped bleeding in 95% of all tissue sites, compared with only 64% of those in the control group.’



/ˈhēməˌstat/ /ˈhiməˌstæt/