Definition of hencoop in English:


Pronunciation /ˈhenˌko͞op/ /ˈhɛnˌkup/


  • A cage or pen for keeping poultry in.

    ‘Large hencoops are, of course, best, for they give them space to run and shelter from sun, rain and wind.’
    • ‘Tonight I must sneak like the thief that I am down into the farmer's hencoop and steal one of his chickens.’
    • ‘He accompanied the female fox to the hencoop.’
    • ‘The snake got into the hencoop and ate the chickens.’
    • ‘They can participate in tasks around the house, garden or hencoop together with the five caretakers.’
    • ‘Some of them complained that my dad had pilfered eggs from their hencoops, and had stolen hens and chickens as well.’
    • ‘All was bustle and disorder, ropes in indescribable confusion, trusses of hay, hencoops, pigs, sheep and passengers' luggage littered the decks.’
    • ‘Farmers are required to sterilize all the hencoops, breeding farms and bird flu-prone areas at least three times a week.’
    • ‘Deep inside the woods there are hencoops, formed basically by wild-tobacco, pororocas, pepper trees, snow bells and pixiricas.’
    • ‘Coops used for rearing young hens should be organised pretty much along the same lines as the laying hencoops.’
    • ‘Stables, outhouses, hencoops, pigsties, stagnant ponds, and slaughterhouses vied with each other for olfactory attention.’
    • ‘Unenriched cage systems are used in most Estonian hencoops at the moment.’
    • ‘He then obtained two bags of lime, which he stored inside the hencoop.’
    • ‘He once lifted up a hencoop weighing six hundred pounds and carried it off bodily.’