Definition of heparinize in English:


(British heparinise)


[with object]
  • Add heparin to (blood or a container about to be filled with blood) to prevent it from coagulating.

    usually as adjective heparinized ‘blood was drawn into a heparinized container’
    • ‘Thin blood smears were prepared from fresh heparinized blood on microscope slides.’
    • ‘At 5 and 8 months of treatment, heparinized blood was collected from some mice of each group by orbital venous puncture under light ether anesthesia after fasting for 18 hours.’
    • ‘Arterial and venous blood samples were obtained in standard heparinized blood sampling syringes after the cord had been doubly clamped.’
    • ‘In a separate set of experiments, heparinized peripheral blood from three healthy male donors was used immediately after venipuncture.’
    • ‘Newborn mice were anesthetized by hypothermia and euthanized, and peripheral blood was collected using heparinized capillary tubes.’