Definition of hepatica in English:



  • A plant of the buttercup family with flowers similar to those of the anemone, native to northern temperate regions.

    Genus Hepatica, family Ranunculaceae

    ‘The forest has not been cut for 300 years, and I found myself surrounded by ground flora such as Solomon's seal, lily of the valley, yellow wood anemone, toothwort, asarabacca, herb paris and hepatica.’
    • ‘It gathered flowers from the forest floor as they walked: yellow celandine and primrose, pale anemone, pink-veined wood sorrel, purple hepatica, lilac and plum violets.’
    • ‘On this day, the first hepatica buds were poking through the leaf mat, and some were opening into startlingly light-blue flowers.’
    • ‘Many of our loveliest spring wildflowers - trillium, wild ginger, Dutchman's breeches, and hepatica among them - simply can't compete.’
    • ‘Twenty feet high, the cataract drops its riches into the upper end of the pool, cloaked by hepatica and trailing vines.’



/həˈpadikə/ /həˈpædɪkə/


From medieval Latin hepatica (herba) ‘plant having liver-shaped parts, or one used to treat liver diseases’, feminine of hepaticus (see hepatic).