Definition of hepatopancreas in English:



technical term for digestive gland
  • ‘Yolk proteins may be produced in follicle cells or the ovary or even the hepatopancreas and fat body.’
  • ‘Previous studies suggest that the site of decapod crustacean vitellogenin synthesis is the ovary, the hepatopancreas or both.’
  • ‘For some experiments, samples of gill, claw muscle, hepatopancreas, gonad, and thoracic ganglion were also removed to serve as controls.’
  • ‘Hemolymph flow rates to the mouthparts increased during feeding; perfusion of the foregut and hepatopancreas increased during digestion.’
  • ‘Twenty-four hours later, the hepatopancreas, gills and muscle tissue were removed from each animal.’



/ˌhɛpətəʊˈpaŋkrɪəs/ /hɛˌpatəʊˈpaŋkrɪəs/