Definition of hepatotoxin in English:



See hepatotoxic

‘They should also avoid or minimize alcohol use, because iron and alcohol are synergistic hepatotoxins.’
  • ‘Testing for hepatitis viruses A, B, and C should be performed and the patient questioned carefully regarding exposure to other possible hepatotoxins, especially alcohol.’
  • ‘Vitamin A is a known hepatotoxin that is available over the counter.’
  • ‘When taken in larger doses, it becomes a potent hepatotoxin, generating fulminated hepatic and renal tubular necrosis which is lethal to humans and many species of animals.’
  • ‘Pyrrolizidine alkaloids present in comfrey tea and other plant materials are widely recognized as hepatotoxins.’



/ˌhepədōˈtäks(ə)n/ /ˌhɛpədoʊˈtɑks(ə)n/