Definition of heptagonal in English:



See heptagon

‘He took note through the clear glass walls of the heptagonal room that the employees were still working, even at the ungodly hour of 4 a.m. on a Sunday morning.’
  • ‘They suggest that the magnetic behavior is due to the complex microstructure of the foam in which they observe heptagonal structures having an unpaired electron.’
  • ‘In the Korean myth, the hero's legitimate son is recognized when he is able to find half of his father's sword at the base of a pine tree growing out of a heptagonal stone.’
  • ‘They were in the heptagonal room in the middle of the agency floor.’
  • ‘Some coins have a rounded heptagonal shape that allows their use in slot machines designed for ordinary coins.’



/hepˈtaɡən(ə)l/ /hɛpˈtæɡən(ə)l/