Definition of herdboy in English:


Pronunciation /ˈhərdboi/ /ˈhərdbɔɪ/


  • A boy who looks after a herd of livestock.

    ‘In the highlands, where pasture is scarce, herdboys often spend months alone with their flocks in a mountain valley some distance from their home.’
    • ‘In the early 1820s, when settlers began to occupy Xhosa territory, Xhosa raiders sometimes accosted English herdboys to steal the mother-of-pearl buttons from their shirts.’
    • ‘The body was found by herdboys at the Tina Bridge near Mount Frere during 1995.’
    • ‘He said herdboys walking along the Bashee River were alerted to the bodies by the barking of their dog.’
    • ‘The speaker said he felt exhilaration because this was the first time he'd been at ‘the inauguration of a herdboy as vice-chancellor’, referring to his humble beginnings in rural Eastern Cape.’
    • ‘There was a young herdboy named Jabu.’
    • ‘He said he never dreamed that someone who had been a herdboy, labourer, freedom fighter, prisoner and exile would one day stand in such august company and receive an honorary doctorate.’
    • ‘I suppose I must postpone the rest of this until I can post again about my experiences as a herdboy.’
    • ‘When I was a herdboy we used to fight over nothing, for example the shape of the horns of your dad's bull.’