Definition of heretofore in English:


Pronunciation /ˌhirdəˈfôr/ /ˌhɪrdəˈfɔr/

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  • Before now.

    ‘diseases that heretofore were usually confined to rural areas’
    • ‘On the other hand, people can accept lots of heretofore unacceptable things as long as they have a say beforehand.’
    • ‘There was even one guy wearing leather chaps over his Wranglers, something heretofore exclusive to only gay bars or biker bars.’
    • ‘No doubt he will turn over voluminous quantities of documents; he may even turn over materials he has heretofore hidden.’
    • ‘So the list includes all the heretofore mentioned pleasures and add these.’
    • ‘Most funerals from the area heretofore have taken place to the largest cemetery in the parish - St Patrick's cemetery in Tullow.’
    • ‘The hurling championship next year features the losers' group, which will see Galway entering at a much earlier stage than heretofore.’
    • ‘People are reminded that the new signs will show kilometres per hour instead of miles and some limits may be different to those which applied heretofore.’
    • ‘Babbin's revelation raises heretofore unconsidered aspects of the issue, and for that reason I flag it here.’
    • ‘Likewise, beyond the important catalytic role of Governments, civil society will have to play a greater role than heretofore.’
    • ‘He has been invited to train students for the Presbyterian ministry where heretofore they had been trained only for ministry in the Dutch Reformed Church.’
    • ‘Minority rule is now the consensus notwithstanding the majority, and heretofore the laws hold differently.’
    • ‘What they've heretofore lacked was a constituency among the countries of Europe to work against that dominance.’
    • ‘A shame my heretofore undiscovered virility didn't stop my neighbour from not having time for coffee due to playing soccer at four today.’
    • ‘As we make our way to bed, we watch our backs, scanning our surroundings for heretofore unnoticed surveillance.’
    • ‘The new Manor Library will be open to the public for longer hours than heretofore when it is fully functional on Main Street from early January.’
    • ‘It makes us question the balance between human control and the heretofore ungovernable forces we deemed natural.’
    • ‘We were obviously intrigued, so we wrote for some further details on this heretofore unknown use for the creatures.’
    • ‘But I did get to at last meet Mr. New Yorkish, whose gender I was heretofore unsure of.’
    • ‘When a reporter publishes heretofore unknown information ahead of other news organisations, it's called a scoop.’
    • ‘‘Should you perceive one face you loved heretofore, it is a spook,’ he argued.’