Definition of hermeneutically in English:



See hermeneutic

  • ‘Furthermore, historically speaking, in the church the rejection of the literal truth of Genesis preceded (and hermeneutically laid the groundwork for) the rejection of the literal truth of the Virgin Birth and Resurrection of Christ.’
  • ‘By aiming to recover a genealogy of such radical epistemology, Herbert's project in effect aims to undergird a hermeneutically suspicious project via unsuspicious historicism.’
  • ‘It also means, moreover, that in disputes about biblical authority nobody has the high ground morally or hermeneutically.’
  • ‘In canonical perspective, profitability requires that the Bible not be seen as a collection of hermeneutically independent texts that reveal discreet bits of theological truth.’
  • ‘From a Bakhtinian viewpoint, reading ‘The Heart of Darkness’ as part of a much larger text might seem to multiply the voices, to make the reading experience more dialogic and less hermeneutically certain.’