Definition of hermit thrush in English:

hermit thrush


  • A small migratory North American thrush, noted for its melodious song.

    Catharus guttatus, family Turdidae

    • ‘How often I have longed to hear the hermit thrush, wood thrush and veery blend their ethereal voices together again!’
    • ‘Some have argued that the wood thrush's close relative, the hermit thrush, is the better singer, but the hermit thrush's ethereal song strikes me as too heavenly.’
    • ‘Walking among them on a summer day, you might hear the diaphanous song of a hermit thrush - if the motorboats buzzing up and down the river don't drown out the bird's voice.’
    • ‘At this point the robins just simply disappeared, as did the cedar waxwing, the hermit thrush, and the fox sparrow.’
    • ‘Like the pine warbler, the hermit thrush is an uncommon nesting bird for southwestern Connecticut, keeping to cool, coniferous woods resembling territory farther north.’
    • ‘The hermit thrush is among the migratory birds being studied for energy expenditure during rest.’
    • ‘Discover the hermit thrush in shady maple and hemlock groves, bobolinks in golden hay fields, northern water thrush in swamplands, and hawks migrating in autumn.’
    • ‘Not much further down the trail, however, a hermit thrush was spotted on the trail.’
    • ‘The hermit thrush and northern cardinal were observed eating pondberry fruits.’
    • ‘In the bottomland forests and ravines along the river, look for a variety of warblers, including cerulean, blackburnian, and black-throated green warblers, as well as acadian flycatchers and hermit thrush.’
    • ‘In such shady areas I commonly see hermit thrush and robins hunting for worms and insects.’
    • ‘One hermit thrush was observed to regurgitate a possum haw, Ilex decidua Walter, seed near a pondberry colony during one of the observation periods in 2000-2001.’
    • ‘The other hermit thrush, Catharus guttatus, was a dispersal agent for the plants.’
    • ‘We saw a myrtle warbler and two or three hermit thrushes; heard a pileated woodpecker, chickadees, titmice, and nuthatches.’
    • ‘Because of this diversity of tree species, migratory songbirds such as scarlet tanagers, hermit thrushes, and chestnut-sided warblers return to nest there each spring.’
    • ‘Monongahela includes Cranberry Glades, where you'll find Swainson's and hermit thrushes, mourning warbler, northern waterthrush, and swamp sparrow.’
    • ‘The wood and hermit thrushes and their cousin the veery have taken a severe hit from the cowbirds, so that they are on the brink of becoming endangered species.’
    • ‘In mid-November we had two hermit thrushes using our bird bath and even coming to the suet.’
    • ‘In contrast, hesitant hermit thrushes, who spend most of the year searching in the undergrowth for insects, will stand beside the fruit (which outweighs them, since persimmons can weigh up to a pound!’
    • ‘The hermit thrushes start singing again now for some reason.’