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  • Tentative, unsure, or slow in acting or speaking.

    ‘clients are hesitant about buying’
    • ‘her slow, hesitant way of speaking’
    • ‘The kiss was slow and innocent at first, apprehensive; he was still hesitant and unsure.’
    • ‘I know that you run into a lot of people who are hesitant to accept the fact that you say you do this.’
    • ‘I was a little nervous and hesitant about taking on the job three years ago but I am glad that I did.’
    • ‘Even Ferguson was reportedly hesitant in accepting the brief last Monday.’
    • ‘Life is the only inspiration for Kundan Shah in an industry hesitant to accept his films.’
    • ‘Far from being a gesture of national confidence, our arts policy is hesitant and uncertain.’
    • ‘I stepped boldly out on that new path, unsure and a little afraid, but never hesitant.’
    • ‘That shows that customers are less hesitant to buy from the chipmaker, he said.’
    • ‘Now I'm very hesitant to cast doubt on any of your marvellous answers, but I do struggle to accept this one.’
    • ‘That said, I was still a bit hesitant to buy a whole big watermelon and soak it in vodka.’
    • ‘The staff was very hesitant, making excuses and delaying to show Tony his baby.’
    • ‘In times of writer's block, Dre has never been hesitant to seek alternative medicine.’
    • ‘Thus the only superpower on Earth appears hesitant about projecting its power on the international stage.’
    • ‘This union is hesitant in what they do, therefore they are not taken seriously by the government.’
    • ‘The actor was initially hesitant when he first heard of the project.’
    • ‘Until now, the UN has been characteristically hesitant, to sometimes tragic effect.’
    • ‘On the other hand, the governor also seemed hesitant in giving orders to the military and police.’
    • ‘Their passing moves, once their strongest feature, were hesitant and ragged, to be charitable.’
    • ‘The hesitant robins were nowhere to be seen - I fear I may have scared them off.’
    • ‘Though he would like to return home he is hesitant because of the fact that health care is unaffordable.’
    uncertain, undecided, unsure, doubtful, in doubt, dubious, tentative, half-hearted, ambivalent, sceptical, reluctant, nervous, having misgivings, having qualms, hanging back, stalling, delaying
    lacking confidence, diffident, timid, shy, bashful, insecure, self-effacing
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/ˈhezəd(ə)nt/ /ˈhɛzəd(ə)nt/


Late Middle English from Latin haesitant- ‘being undecided’, from the verb haesitare (see hesitate).