Definition of heterolytic in English:



See heterolysis

  • ‘For example, when malachite green is irradiated with UV light of 225-300 nm, heterolytic cleavage of the C-R bond occurs, and a charged photoproduct is formed with minimal changes in geometric conformation.’
  • ‘Reactions 4 and 5 involve homolytic and heterolytic O-O bond cleavage of the peroxides, respectively, and in most cases, the two pathways can be identified by product analysis.’
  • ‘The more common way is ‘heterolytic cleavage’ where one of the atoms retains both of the bonding electrons, and the other takes none.’
  • ‘The two different species are formed by homolytic or heterolytic O-O bond cleavage and H-atom abstraction, respectively.’
  • ‘The C - 8 position of guanine in DNA is the major site of reaction of the potent electrophile acetoxy-IQ, which forms a nitrenium ion, by heterolytic loss of the acetoxy group, as the ultimate DNA-reactive species.’