Definition of heteronomy in English:



See heteronomous

‘Understood in this way, artistic consciousness tends to be inherently opposed to, resistant to and subversive of the heteronomy that underscores the commodified social relations of capitalist society.’
  • ‘Its opposite is not dependence, but heteronomy, where we feel our actions are controlled by external forces, regardless of our own values and interests.’
  • ‘But focusing on these cases reinforces a sense of our passivity as agents: what Kant meant, I believe, by a heteronomy of the will.’
  • ‘One form of philosophical modernism is a radical self-reflexivity and self legislation that stands against heteronomy.’
  • ‘Because heteronomy and autonomy reflect political and cultural rather than purely linguistic factors, they can change.’



/ˌhedəˈränəmē/ /ˌhɛdəˈrɑnəmi/