Definition of hexameter in English:


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  • A line of verse consisting of six metrical feet, especially of six dactyls.

    ‘Most celebrated were the Epodes, songs in simple strophes usually made up of a hexameter or iambic trimeter plus one or two shorter cola.’
    • ‘For Schlegel, the feet of the hexameter must be of equal length, containing either one long and two short syllables or two long ones.’
    • ‘Metrically, the ‘Hymn’ justifies Coleridge's claims for the English hexameter.’
    • ‘My poetic skills were not up to constructing dactyllic hexameters, and I had already settled on the haiku form.’
    • ‘Longfellow wrote in hexameters, in the tradition of the classical masters of he epic, Homer and Vergil.’



/hekˈsamədər/ /hɛkˈsæmədər/


Late Middle English from Latin, from Greek hexametros ‘of six measures’ (from hex ‘six’ + metron ‘measure’).