Definition of high-concept in English:



  • (especially of a film or television plot) having a striking and easily communicable idea.

    ‘Cohen's high-concept script is a nail-biter’
    • ‘In the movie's satisfyingly high-concept plot, there is more at stake than a man's sense of self in a big city.’
    • ‘Aside from the high-concept premise, the film's plot is a throwaway, a rigidly routine story involving a Latin American drug lord and some high-powered weapons.’
    • ‘To help keep the world interested, the whole thing could be filmed for an exciting high-concept reality TV show celebrating human tragedy in grand fashion.’
    • ‘He's a good filmmaker, but one thing is certain: no one will ever accuse Dowse's films of being too high-concept.’
    • ‘It shouldn't be like this - there should be room for high ideas and art even in a high-concept movie, but it seems these days that few distributors are interested in releasing movies like this.’
    • ‘Sadly what follows is a meandering, hokey apocalyptic tale more befitting a Saturday morning of Hanna-Barbara cartoons than a high-concept, big-budget Hollywood movie.’
    • ‘In fact, it is a full-size, extremely elegant, high-concept publication with a beautiful, clear design and impressive art and photographs.’
    • ‘Beginning with The Andromeda Strain in 1969, Hollywood has feasted for years on Crichton's best-selling novels and high-concept screenplays.’
    • ‘Kevin Orr admits that the Midsummer Night's Dream he has directed for this summer's Shakespeare-in-the-Park is rather high-concept.’
    • ‘A high-concept, low-budget serial killer flick that knows it's got a hook worth hocking, and so does, relentlessly.’
    • ‘Hustle begins outside a pub called The Red Herring, a none-too-subtle indication that all is not as it seems in the BBC's latest high-concept drama.’
    • ‘Honey, I Shrunk the Kids is a high-concept comedy about a wacky scientist who accidentally, well, shrinks his kids.’
    • ‘How many high-concept romantic comedies can one moviegoer take?’
    • ‘Increasingly, hotels are high-concept temples to the urban lifestyle.’
    • ‘Our comedy today tends to be high-concept, slightly artsy, heavily ironical.’
    • ‘At first glance it has the hallmarks of a high-concept survivors drama but then, is it actually science-fiction?’
    • ‘Kiefer Sutherland stars in this high-concept piece of TV programming.’
    • ‘This is, as has been pointed out in the myriad good reviews the book's received, high-concept stuff.’
    • ‘This production is also reaching for the top with a cutting-edge, high-concept set design.’
    • ‘The series itself was high-concept, even if its constituent videos sometimes were not.’