Definition of high-density in English:



  • 1Denoting a substance with a high degree of compactness.

    ‘high-density foam’
    • ‘A jug of fluid milk that does not resemble the standard translucent, high-density polyethylene container can make a consumer look twice.’
    • ‘The boot has a nylon body with a strong yet supple leather sole, a high-density felt inner lining, and strong Velcro fastening tapes.’
    • ‘The new high-density packaging can reduce shipping costs for many projects.’
    • ‘The high-density overlay protects the wood substrate from alkalis and water.’
    • ‘The panels are manufactured from plywood with multiple layers of hardwood birch veneers overlaid with high-density phenolic surface film.’
    • ‘The bottom surface was constructed with two sheets of high-density fibreboard screwed together.’
    • ‘The company also makes a high-density paver.’
    • ‘Because they are added to the top and bottom of a high-density core, they stabilize the ball and create a strong arc and a continuous back-end motion.’
    • ‘The core has been modified by the addition of a high-density ring.’
    • ‘This high-density inner core produces medium flare potential.’
  • 2Denoting or relating to an area with a high or relatively high population or number of buildings.

    ‘this sprawling city has never been known for high-density living’
    • ‘The agent said the site fits all criteria laid down for high-density development under the guidelines.’
    • ‘We are at an orphanage in a high-density township.’
    • ‘I don't think we have the will to do high-density prefab housing in the US.’
    • ‘He describes his most significant projects in detail, from low-income, high-density housing to complete townships.’
    • ‘The Old City was intended to be a high-density residential area with some destination shopping.’
    • ‘Homeowners in established neighborhoods rarely are happy to see a high-density project wedged into their green space.’
    • ‘The system couldn't accommodate frequent moves or high-density groups of animals, the very roots of holistic management.’
    • ‘The garden there is one of many outdoor spaces that improve liveability in the high-density urban environment.’
    • ‘The dwarf varieties became more popular as more high-density apple orchards came into use throughout North America during the past 25 years.’
    • ‘The consulate is situated in one of the city's historic, high-density districts.’