Definition of high-key in English:


(also high-keyed)


Art Photography
  • Having a predominance of light or bright tones.

    • ‘The sombre dark altarpieces of Piazzetta are the last great exemplars of Counter-Reformation religious art, while Tiepolo painted luminous and high-keyed frescoes of religious and mythological subjects.’
    • ‘His pleasant and undemanding style was marked by brilliant high-keyed colouring and vigorous brushwork, representing a kind of conservative version of Impressionism.’
    • ‘Today her painting style has evolved from the classical to, now, a fusion of high-key tones, rich in saturated color and exotic still life content.’
    • ‘The 13 paintings on view included work from the mid '60s to the early '90s, but with their high-key color and crisp, consistent technique, all the paintings seemed freshly finished.’
    • ‘The colors are often high-key but eschew quick optical effects for slower vibrant resonances.’