Definition of high-maintenance in English:




  • 1Needing a lot of work to keep in good condition.

    ‘Unless you have a sweeping carriage drive or a generous south-facing frontage, be prepared to forgo grass; high-maintenance lawns belong in the open, sunny space of the back garden.’
    • ‘I'll likely sell it within the next few months as I find it a pretty high-maintenance gadget - there are just too many things that can go wrong, and it needs constant checking.’
    • ‘The first rule is, if you haven't much time then don't make the front garden a copy of your back garden, with high-maintenance beds, lawns and boundaries.’
    • ‘Glass steps are high-maintenance, but can be superb.’
    • ‘So I'm genuinely baffled to see that the fashion for small, high-maintenance lap dogs persists - and not just in America.’
    • ‘Hanging baskets are a high-maintenance form of gardening, but with regular care can look beautiful all year round.’
    • ‘Colour-treated hair is a high-maintenance choice, so make sure that you visit your salon regularly to keep your roots in check.’
    • ‘The more expensive your material, the less high-maintenance it will be.’
    • ‘The style of gardening followed at Great Dixter is extremely high-maintenance.’
    • ‘Perhaps, as people spend less time at home they will pay less attention to how the place looks and sales of landscaping, high-maintenance plants and home repair supplies will suffer.’
    • ‘With two-thirds of an acre to tend, I stopped growing high-maintenance hybrid teas and turned to rugosas and hybrid musks - they're much easier and very satisfying alternatives.’
    • ‘Mainly, you can choose to blow-dry and straighten your hair on a daily basis, either yourself or at a salon (just don't tell anyone about your high-maintenance grooming regimen).’
    • ‘Several cruise lines came to this conclusion after fitting what they found to be high-maintenance electrical systems in passenger areas and low-maintenance photoluminescent systems in crew areas.’
    • ‘Of course, wooden floors are too high-maintenance, but in the reception area we have used solid timber on the walls, as it creates a warm and welcoming ambiance.’
    • ‘They tend to rely very heavily on either lab-based practical work requiring expensive, high-maintenance equipment, or on computer-based work requiring expensive software.’
    • ‘Known for its speed, high reliability, and ease of use, MySQL is rapidly becoming a low-cost alternative to high-priced, high-maintenance database systems.’
    • ‘I don't consider them any more high-maintenance than a dog or cat, and I'm thankful in the winter that my pets don't need to be walked outside when it's freezing.’
    • ‘Crpt enables the replacement of high-maintenance metallic aircraft panels with those manufactured from advanced fibre composite materials.’
    • ‘The amaryllis is ideal for people who have little time or inclination to spend on high-maintenance flowers and plants.’
    • ‘Lifestyle just too hectic for a high-maintenance hairstyle that demands a post-workout shampoo?’
    1. 1.1 informal (of a person or relationship) demanding a lot of attention.
      • ‘I freely admit to being high-maintenance’
      • ‘Caitlin is our only child and she's very high-maintenance’
      • ‘She is the most high-maintenance person who ever lived, throwing tantrums at the least provocation.’
      • ‘I've written a book about the decline of my neighbourhood and the lives of its new, high-maintenance residents.’
      • ‘With three young boys, a high-maintenance husband, volunteering at school and a small personal training business she doesn't have a lot of extra time.’
      • ‘He has a reputation for being a high-maintenance player who travels with an entourage.’
      • ‘Valerie is the single mother of two wonderful yet high-maintenance kids, a 9 year old girl and a 14 year old boy.’
      • ‘If you are high-maintenance, book your hotels now.’
      • ‘I believe that we women primary care docs attract a higher percentage of emotionally high-maintenance patients than do our male colleagues.’
      • ‘This job is like a possessive, high-maintenance lover.’
      • ‘I'm not a high-maintenance kinda girl, so it's usually the little things that really make my day.’
      • ‘He insisted he would never become a high-maintenance pop star, but now says his favourite food when eating out is foie gras pate, Chateaubriand steak and sorbet, washed down with champagne.’
      • ‘Lets be real about it, there is a difference between being high-maintenance, and being a diva.’
      • ‘‘He's what we call a high-maintenance individual,’ the coach says.’