Definition of high-performance in English:



  • 1(of an aircraft or motor vehicle) designed to achieve high speeds.

    ‘a high-performance sports car’
    • ‘Even BMW and Jaguar have high-performance diesel models, and sell a great deal of them.’
    • ‘He collects a ridiculous number of high-performance cars.’
    • ‘He seeks their unique skills in the production of jamming transmitters and equipment for high-performance aircraft.’
    • ‘Millions of euro are being laundered in assets such as high-performance cars and motorbikes.’
    • ‘Investigators expressed concern that private airstrips are being used for high-performance planes without proper assessment of their suitability for such aircraft.’
    • ‘They are developing a high-performance version to rival some conventionally propelled rockets.’
    • ‘Premium-strength aluminum alloy castings are used in some high-performance airplanes.’
    • ‘The expected benefits of economical, high-performance civil-aircraft designs that are being considered for the future depend on further development of materials.’
    • ‘Energy conversion systems based on steam turbines, gas turbines, high-performance automobile engines, and jet engines provide our technological foundation.’
    • ‘It becomes more and more difficult to reduce raw emissions, especially for heavy and high-performance vehicles.’
    1. 1.1(of a product) designed to perform to a high standard.
      ‘high-performance running shoes’
      • ‘You dominate the high-performance business by getting more customers to want high-performance computing.’
      • ‘The result, despite its historic facade, is a high-performance building.’
      • ‘Where site-sensitive design reaches its limits, high-performance materials take over.’
      • ‘One of its technologies enables a processor to convert film into strong, high-performance pouches.’
      • ‘They are a global supplier of high-performance semiconductors.’
      • ‘High-performance vibration isolation has been achieved by sitting these spaces on springs.’
      • ‘In the existing house, the windows are double-glazed and use high-performance glass.’
      • ‘Research shows that money flows into high-performance mutual funds more rapidly than money flows out from funds that are underperforming.’
      • ‘Their method takes just 15 minutes to separate the compounds in crude extracts using high-performance liquid chromatography.’
      • ‘The recently completed Learning Center exemplifies use of a computer-aided methodology for high-performance architecture.’