Definition of high-priced in English:


(also high-price)

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  • Costing a great deal; expensive.

    ‘high-quality and high-priced furniture’
    • ‘a team of high-priced lawyers’
    • ‘Lenders offer brokers, who handle about 65% of mortgages, incentive payments to send high-priced loans their way.’
    • ‘He slept there rather than pay for the last remaining room, a high-priced deluxe suite.’
    • ‘Promotions also let product marketers use popular, high-priced talent at minimal cost.’
    • ‘Lenders make serious bucks from flogging high-priced insurance policies to their cardholders.’
    • ‘To the chagrin of his coworkers, Pace commits to delivering 40 high-priced cars to a South American gangster with only a few days to spare.’
    • ‘Pharmaceutical company advertising on TV promotes high-priced new drugs with marginal improvements over cheaper generic versions.’
    • ‘They are too busy trying to sell high-priced, high-profit products to middle-class customers in the richest countries.’
    • ‘In addition, air freight can be cost-effective for high-priced items where the additional cost can be absorbed into the price of the product more easily.’
    • ‘A growing number of businesses are stocking break rooms and kitchenettes with high-priced tea and coffee.’
    • ‘Demand for high-price apartments is strong partly because, for now, not that much inventory is available.’
    • ‘German companies also tend to export more high-price goods, such as luxury cars and niche engineering products, giving the companies more leverage to raise prices to offset the stronger euro.’
    • ‘High-price houses on average last year waited on the market around 150 days and sold for around 10 percent less than their asking price.’