Definition of high-test in English:



  • 1US (of gasoline) high-octane.

    ‘When Primm says, ‘You have to run high-test gasoline in a Ferrari,’ he's talking about TO's diet.’
    • ‘Does this dynamite duo have some high-test fuel in their karate tanks, or did the first Rage and Honor siphon it all away?’
    • ‘Her thinker was missing on a cylinder or two, thanks to the high-test fuel she kept adding to the tank.’
    • ‘It pays to note that high-test gasoline, calcium cyanide and DDT were three of the best bedbug eradicators.’
    1. 1.1Meeting very high standards.
      ‘a high-test office’
      • ‘Craddock is totally in his element, playfully mixing high-test method-style acting with broad melodrama in the construction of the fire-cracker-wired Jon.’
      • ‘During peak times, each store used to sell about $100 worth of the company's high-test coffee drinks every hour; that figure has now doubled.’
      • ‘But Canadian marijuana is an addictive high-test super-weed - much stronger than marijuana grown elsewhere, right?’
      • ‘He forgot though that he has high-test alcohol on his face!’
      • ‘More to the point, a full-strength, high-test spirituality propels a seeker toward sanity and wisdom.’
      • ‘Besides searching for relationships, this high-test version of Spoke searches public records and Web-based data.’
      • ‘He discovered that he could no longer get a buzz, no matter how fast he poured down the high-test booze.’



/ˌhīˈtest/ /ˌhaɪˈtɛst/