Definition of High Church in English:

High Church

Pronunciation /ˈˌhī ˈCHərCH/ /ˈˌhaɪ ˈtʃərtʃ/

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  • A tradition within the Anglican Church emphasizing ritual, priestly authority, sacraments, and historical continuity with Catholic Christianity.

    Compare with Low Church, Broad Church

    ‘The audience ranged from High Church Anglo-Catholics to low church Evangelical Anglicans.’
    • ‘The ‘Authorized Version’ arose out of a conference at Hampton Court, convened by James I in 1604, between the High Church and Low Church parties.’
    • ‘Nor was Newman a liberal, rather a High Church Anglican who converted to Catholicism.’
    • ‘This community of believers developed a cohesive identity not just through its religious outlook and its struggles with the High Church, but also through the experience of weekly worship together.’
    • ‘There is a sort of dynamism there in that wing of the movement which separates it from the old High Church.’


  • Denoting, relating to, or characteristic of the High Church.