Definition of high colour in English:

high colour

(also high colouring)


  • A flushed complexion.

    ‘he had a high colour to his cheeks’
    • ‘It is the face of a man of about forty, with a small beard and a high colour.’
    • ‘Judging from her high colour, she had definitely said it.’
    • ‘His face, almost in profile, shows a high coloring that is close to feverish and no doubt reflects his consumptive state.’
    • ‘Cameron's long, solid face is red, but from the dancing look in his eyes, Danielle guesses that the high color comes from the cold wind outside, not from anger.’
    • ‘Rei's face lost some of its high color and she got up to leave the room, but Jay reached her before she could reach the door.’
    • ‘Like many other clichés, that of the rosbif, the beef-fed Englishman with a fleshy face and high colour, contains more than a grain of truth.’
    • ‘Mike also notices Martina's high color and agitation.’
    • ‘He had a prominent handlebar moustache and a high colour to his cheeks.’
    flush, blush, rosiness, pinkness, redness, crimson, scarlet, reddening, ruddiness, high colour