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high roller

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informal mainly North American
  • A person who gambles or spends large amounts of money.

    • ‘corporate jets still ferry in high rollers to the tables of Caesar's Palace’
    • ‘State regulators on July 10 approved the MGM Grand Hotel Casino's application for Nevada's first private gambling salon for high rollers.’
    • ‘Think casino gambling and you think high rollers playing high-stakes games, dropping thousands of dollars a night.’
    • ‘Named after the Tipperary stud farm they own, it refers to a group of immensely rich Irish high rollers who are gamblers by nature, trade and inclination.’
    • ‘The VIP room will be monitored by tuxedo-clad security personnel and will offer high rollers a private hors d' oeuvre buffet.’
    • ‘For Miami's high rollers, looks and money will get you everywhere.’
    • ‘They were both high rollers, spread money around lavishly and had female hangers on wherever they went.’
    • ‘Mr Quinlan, whose backers are mainly Irish high rollers, has approached the investment bank NM Rothschild.’
    • ‘I admit, I'm no high roller and the most gambling I've ever done is low stakes poker with friends, but I am completely baffled by the overwhelming popularity of Internet gambling.’
    • ‘If you're feeling lucky, and are ready for a bit of casino action, try a night out with the high rollers at one of our sophisticated gambling spots.’
    • ‘And then there are the high rollers, representing chambers of commerce, big business, the healthcare, banking, and insurance industries.’
    • ‘But more than that it confirmed the deep public suspicion that politics is a rotten business and politicians are eternally on the take to the corporate and big union high rollers.’
    • ‘Plush, opulent and somewhat decadent, it used to be a popular hang-out of the city's hip gay crowd; now it caters to high rollers and moneyed movers of all persuasions.’
    • ‘The only thing most people know about the most famous course in Las Vegas, Shadow Creek, is that the high rollers play there for free.’
    • ‘After all, hedge funds had long been seen as the province of the financial world's high rollers.’
    • ‘She knew soon Jose Marcel would come down to the pit and check in with his dealers and meet the high rollers.’
    • ‘A real T-shirt-and-jeans kind of guy, he certainly doesn't look like a high roller, but American Express Co. knows better.’
    • ‘Sure, he still felt like a high roller every time he got a direct deposit on his nearly $75,000 salary - double what his buddies in his native Salt Lake City make.’
    • ‘He was not a high roller, but he enjoyed fine things.’
    • ‘But often, these expensive products end up sitting on the shelf, gathering dust, waiting for the high roller to walk in the door.’
    • ‘Don't pull out your wallet unless you're a high roller: Minimum investment is $100,000.’
    backer, staker, speculator, risk-taker, better


high roller

/ˌhī ˈrōlər/ /ˌhaɪ ˈroʊlər/


With reference to rolling dice.