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high table

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  • A table in a dining hall, typically on a platform, for the most important people, such as the fellows of a college.

    ‘I sat at high table’
    • ‘She was sitting at the high table of the castle's dining room.’
    • ‘New high tables and a wooden floor will be added.’
    • ‘Or, if you really can't get down from your high tables and your high horses, the least you could do is to stop moaning through the mouthfuls.’
    • ‘Father wouldn't notice if I laid with Terrant on the high table at noon time.’
    • ‘The gentry at the high table are sober and attentive as they listen, wine-glasses suspended, to a probably demure anecdote told by one of their number.’
    • ‘The ambassador's servants quickly righted the man and helped him to his place at the high table, a few chairs down from the king's immediate left.’
    • ‘Woodward has made England believe that they have a right to sup at the high table, that the southern hemisphere big boys are no better than themselves.’
    • ‘The uninvited guest was a tall broad-shouldered knight who strode angrily into the hall and stopped right before the high table.’
    • ‘We all gathered round the central high table and set to it.’
    • ‘A banquet was laid out for them, and they seated themselves at the high table, Stealth on his right, and Integrity on hers.’
    • ‘They were given places of honour on the high table, Cheyenne seated nearest to the elegant Queen.’
    • ‘She finally decided to stop ignoring him and walked back to her seat at the high table.’
    • ‘Two of them took extra stools and put them at the high table for Kate and Raz as they were led there.’
    • ‘Elizabeth watched her guests from the high table.’
    • ‘She settled herself at the high table in the great hall.’
    • ‘The elvin being raised a blond eyebrow, but said nothing, only returning to his seat at the high table laid out in the middle of the room.’
    • ‘She jumped down from the high table and stumbled into Raphael's arms.’
    • ‘After slowly walking up to the doorway, she peered through the keyhole, and could just about make out the high table.’
    • ‘Thomas evidently hadn't heard the news, as his concentration was still focused on the high table in front of us.’
    • ‘Janz, Ostin, Lord Amiril, Lord Atmon and two visiting people were seated at the high table.’


high table

/ˈˌhī ˈtābəl/ /ˈˌhaɪ ˈteɪbəl/