Definition of high tension in English:

high tension


another term for high voltage
  • ‘‘Flash’ injury can occur when there has been an arc of current from a high tension voltage source.’
  • ‘In real life, an example of the precaution taken due to differences in potential of two objects can be seen in the repairing of high tension, high voltage lines.’
  • ‘While moving a boat on a trailer, a group of us sustained electrical injuries when the mast hit a high tension power line.’
  • ‘In one case low and just in front of the high tension power lines down wind of launch.’
  • ‘The cohesion - tension theory requires stability of liquid water in conducting elements under high tensions.’
  • ‘Filament elongation behavior could be divided into two portions: a nonlinear portion at low tension and a linear portion at moderate and high tensions.’
  • ‘Their common border is a high tension wire, with the biggest sparks along the Line of Control in divided Kashmir.’
  • ‘Two policemen escaped death yesterday when a high tension T & TEC wire fell on their jeep and shocked them.’
  • ‘Five months ago the high tension wires snapped with old age in Meier Street and the pole fell over.’
  • ‘The power in the high tension lines has been increased and the supply for use in the area will be improved immensely.’
  • ‘Using high tension ropes attached to pneumatically propelled lightweight hooks, nine men ascended the sides of three warehouses.’
  • ‘For example, people who live near high tension power lines tend to get cancer more often than those who do not.’
  • ‘On January 15th 1944, this group put out all high tension electric lines in Belgium simultaneously.’
  • ‘Additionally, transmitting this generated energy over high tension wires wastes as much as two-thirds of the energy originally created.’
  • ‘Cost is the limiting factor for laying the less-dangerous underground high tension wires.’