Definition of high voltage in English:

high voltage


  • An electrical potential large enough to cause injury or damage.

    • ‘She then charged her palm with electricity and fired a high-voltage blast of energy towards the stricken war machines.’
    • ‘Plus, the Lifters are tethered to their power supplies by a thin wire that provides the necessary high-voltage electricity.’
    • ‘A fault on a high-voltage network cut electricity to the town centre for nearly five hours.’
    • ‘As the space station floats through space in low-Earth orbit, the surface of the structure builds up a static high-voltage charge.’
    • ‘Essential to the upgraded free-electron laser is a dependable high-voltage electron gun.’
    • ‘If a charged, high-voltage capacitor is short circuited by a thin wire, the resulting huge current and power dissipation will cause the wire to actually explode.’
    • ‘The capacitors on the input of the high-voltage rectifier have a 470F rating each.’
    • ‘Eight people were killed Saturday when a high-voltage power line pole collapsed on a busy market in the Moroccan port of Casablanca.’
    • ‘The mechanism was rigged and dangerous: The big capacitor dumps out through a transformer, creating a high-voltage surge to ignite the bulb.’
    • ‘Ever afterwards, they skirted the boundaries of our property as if we'd wired the perimeter with high-voltage electricity.’
    • ‘Bagnell, who was high on cocaine and other drugs, was hit by the high-voltage charge of a police Taser in a Vancouver hotel room.’
    • ‘For high-voltage events, the UPS is usually equipped with filtering electronics that are capable of reducing the voltage.’
    • ‘Ac power is converted to a high-voltage Dc current, which an oscillator or resonator outputs as an alternating current.’
    • ‘The flash circuit stores this high-voltage charge in a large capacitor.’
    • ‘Discovering he had forgotten his key, Soo climbed an electrical pole and accidentally touched a high-voltage cable.’
    • ‘This put low - voltage contractors under the direction of the high-voltage contractors.’
    • ‘Early in the film, a ruthless couple fabricate a murder using high-voltage electricity in one of the ECT suites.’
    • ‘They weren't just being thrown, it was if they were being shocked by high-voltage electricity.’
    • ‘The boy had been seriously electrocuted when the bat struck a high-voltage cable.’
    • ‘Alas, not only had a transistor blown, the short had wrecked the high-voltage circuitry.’