Definition of higher-level in English:



  • At or of a level that is higher in position or status.

    ‘the practice of promoting current employees when higher-level positions become available’
    • ‘We had enough firepower to take down two higher-level monsters at once.’
    • ‘The specification can also be generated from higher-level descriptions of a machine's function.’
    • ‘For example, each lower-level council can elect one of its members to the higher-level council.’
    • ‘You'll find that you really do need higher-level security access for certain things.’
    • ‘More important, they can aspire to a host of higher-level jobs that are off-limits to monolinguists.’
    • ‘An agent could combine reservation, shopping, and shipping services automatically to solve the higher-level problem of arranging the celebration.’
    • ‘When you do gain higher-level skills, the patience really pays off.’
    • ‘Interviewees said the skills required for higher-level finance and accounting positions include the right balance of financial and managerial aptitudes.’
    • ‘The higher-level attacks require button combinations and maybe a split-second longer to fully execute a move.’
    • ‘The need now is to develop current staff for higher-level roles - and that in itself may prove the best retention policy.’