Definition of higher law in English:

higher law


  • A moral or religious principle that is believed to overrule secular constitutions and laws.

    ‘I do appreciate his point, though, that the definition of ‘religion’ itself assumes the existence of God and of a higher law.’
    • ‘The soul makes choices and there are higher laws governing all the experiences that we have.’
    • ‘What Matthew suggests is not that Jesus abolishes the law or affirms the status quo, but that Jesus fulfills the law through his very life and ministry, that is he fulfills it by calling Christians to a higher law, the law of God.’
    • ‘Because even if I was on the wrong side of the law more often than not, there was a higher law than the ones I broke, and that one I could not violate and remain human.’
    • ‘An earlier Puritan and Calvinist tradition also stressed a higher law, the sovereignty of God, and communal fidelity to truth.’