Definition of highly charged in English:

highly charged


  • Filled with great excitement, tension, or emotion.

    ‘the highly charged atmosphere of the Watergate period’
    • ‘Everything is in place for a taut, highly charged thriller.’
    • ‘His cool, sparse film-making style distances us from his highly charged stories.’
    • ‘Ever the fervent advocate of contemporary music, he led a highly charged account of the daunting score.’
    • ‘The term "Doctor" becomes highly charged in the several manners of its application.’
    • ‘His highly charged performance brought the concert to an inspired conclusion.’
    • ‘Certainly, sexual content is a controversial and highly charged issue.’
    • ‘We are now officially sucked in, and a highly charged two hours ensues.’
    • ‘That first moment of working with a new actor, that first attempt to put something on film, is very highly charged.’
    • ‘The best music here is much darker, and written in a highly charged, post-Wagnerian style.’
    • ‘In each portrait, he draws a deliberate and highly charged comparison between the objects and the men.’


highly charged

/ˌhʌɪli ˈtʃɑːdʒd/