Definition of highway engineer in English:

highway engineer

(also highways engineer)


  • A person who designs, builds, or maintains roads.

    ‘a package of measures had been designed by highway engineers to try to prevent speeding’
    • ‘A vast number of planning applications are received first by the highways engineers.’
    • ‘The bridge should reopen within five weeks, a fortnight early, say highways engineers.’
    • ‘Once they are in place, highway engineers will monitor their effect on speeding along the whole of the road.’
    • ‘He became chief highway engineer in 2004, with oversight of the delivery of the trunk road.’
    • ‘Highway engineers laid out a special roadway stretching 13 kilometres down to the docks on the Tennessee River.’
    • ‘Council highway engineers said such a large development would need at least two access points to comply with planning guidance.’
    • ‘Highways engineers started design work on improvements planned for the town centre.’
    • ‘Highway engineers were due to place disinfected mats at 120 cattle grids around the edge of the forest.’
    • ‘State highway engineers found no red flags after reviewing inspection reports from 23 of the 24 steel-deck truss bridges in Massachusetts with similar designs.’
    • ‘The provision of crash barriers is apparently left to the discretion of individual highway engineers.’