Definition of hiking boot in English:

hiking boot


  • A sturdy boot covering the ankle and having a thick, rugged sole, suitable for walking over rough terrain.

    ‘wear good hiking boots for the occasional rocky, steep climbs’
    • ‘The new aerial tram takes you over the canopy of the rainforest without even have to unpack your hiking boots.’
    • ‘I walk away cautiously, aware of the many holes in my tattered hiking boots.’
    • ‘From time to time I'd look down at the floor at our four matching hiking boots.’
    • ‘Once you return to shore, you might want to slip into your hiking boots to trace the Fundy Trail.’
    • ‘You have a different pair of hiking boots for every occasion.’
    • ‘I am now looking for a good pair of hiking boots to withstand walking on lava in Hawaii.’
    • ‘Get out your hiking boots, your binoculars, your sense of awe.’
    • ‘Some new hiking boots don't require weeks to break in.’
    • ‘The new director realizes that he has very big hiking boots to fill!’
    • ‘All interested please bring a rope and hiking boots.’