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adjectiveadjective hillier, adjective hilliest

  • Having many hills.

    ‘a remote hilly district’
    • ‘Their collection of photographs contains a pictorial history of the hilly district.’
    • ‘I had a bicycle, but in our hilly district ten miles was about the perimeter for that.’
    • ‘The steep slopes and hilly terrain allow water to rush down to the sea.’
    • ‘She tried to grow vegetables but the rocky ground and hilly environment made it very challenging.’
    • ‘The steep hilly street, created with sharp curves, take ten turns before it ends.’
    • ‘This is a very hilly and mountainous region of the country where it snows in the winter.’
    • ‘The walk starts at 10 am and lasts five to six hours taking in steep, hilly terrain.’
    • ‘I drive back to Carcassonne through a hilly landscape, with mountains in the distance.’
    • ‘It is a hilly region, and Poovanmala is a small hill where my cousin and her husband grow rubber.’
    • ‘The map they had seen did not show that the area was hilly and their land was rather high on the hills.’
    • ‘Vermont, a hilly, rocky state, lends itself to small farm operations.’
    • ‘I went north along the coast for a few hours until the land became hilly and rocky.’
    • ‘The main island is green and hilly and has a mountain range that divides it in half.’
    • ‘It is a hilly town, and precipitous commons stretch into its very centre.’
    • ‘If you struggle on a hilly course, practice running up more hills in training.’
    • ‘The Chennapatna taluk is also hilly, but the tree vegetation is smaller.’
    • ‘The house took a while to find, nestled as it is in the lower parts of one of the more hilly areas of Mill Valley in Marin.’
    • ‘The tribal populace in the hilly areas of the State has not been largely affected by the same as compared to the plain people.’
    • ‘Other mannequins display sportswear ideal for games and athletics, as well as for long treks in hilly areas.’
    • ‘He said the tractors - many more than 50 years old - had no problems with the winding and hilly route.’
    hilly, craggy, rocky, alpine, high, steep, precipitous



/ˈhilē/ /ˈhɪli/