Definition of hilus in English:


nounplural noun hili/ˈhīlī/ /-lē/

  • An indentation in the surface of a kidney, spleen, or other organ, where blood vessels, ducts, nerve fibers, etc. enter or leave it.

    ‘A laparotomy revealed an unresectable tumor encasing the hepatic arteries, portal vein, and common bile duct in the hepatic hilus.’
    • ‘The arteries enter at the hilus and are carried in, and branch with, the trabeculae.’
    • ‘At the center of the concave side, where the ureters and veins issue and arterial vessels and nerves usually enter, is the hilus.’
    • ‘The hepatic artery, portal vein, lymphatics, and nerves enter the liver through the hilus.’
    • ‘It was partially cavitary in the midportion of the specimen and extended into the hilus and renal vein.’



/ˈhīləs/ /ˈhaɪləs/


Mid 19th century modern Latin, alteration of hilum.