Definition of hind wing in English:

hind wing


(also hindwing)
  • Either of the two back wings of a four-winged insect.

    ‘Halteres are the tiny club-shaped hindwings characteristic of all flies.’
    • ‘Ancient Wings allows users to see how the ventral hindwing of 54 butterflies in the genus Bicyclus have changed over time.’
    • ‘The hindwings are usually so decayed as to be unrecognizable.’
    • ‘You can tell it's a ‘she’ by the relatively thick wing veins and the lack of a pouch-like swelling on a vein on the hindwing.’
    • ‘We recorded pronotum length, mean hind femur length, mean forewing length, and mean hindwing length for each individual.’
    • ‘In the adult female Owl butterfly, parasitic wasps ride on the mother's hindwing and jump off like pirates as she deposits her treasure.’


hind wing

/hīnd wiNG/ /haɪnd wɪŋ/