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hip joint

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  • The ball-and-socket joint connecting a leg to the trunk of the body, in which the head of the thigh bone fits into the socket of the ilium.

    ‘The acetabulum contains the socket portion of the hip joint and must be reshaped to restore its original center.’
    • ‘The muscles of the hip joint execute hip-joint flexion at the beginning of the vertical-bench bent-leg raise.’
    • ‘The hip joint is a ball-and-socket joint because the spherical head of the femur moves inside the cup-shaped acetabulum.’
    • ‘The articulation between the head of the femur and the acetabulum form the hip joint.’
    • ‘Osteoarthritis most commonly involves the spine, the knee joints and the hip joints.’
    • ‘Every running stride places about three times the weight of your body on your foot, ankle, knee and hip joints.’
    • ‘These branches supply the pectineus, the hip joint, and, by rejoining the obturator, the adductor muscles.’
    • ‘It most often affects the head of the thighbone, part of the hip joint.’
    • ‘Also, the ligaments of the hip joint may be stretched and loose.’
    • ‘And you need to line up various parts of your body; your hip joint has to be lined up over your ankle joint.’
    • ‘Ten to 20 percent of all arthritic knee and hip joints will need to be replaced.’
    • ‘Osteotomy may be performed if significant malalignment of the knee or hip joints is present.’
    • ‘To compensate the hip joint and especially the knee has to modify its movement to maintain stability and progression during walking.’
    • ‘Ankle, knee and hip joints must be coordinated in this exercise, which develops a functional movement pattern and trains the muscles.’
    • ‘Cracking sound from my knees, hip joints, elbows, and wrists is frequent.’
    • ‘Unlike walking, which is still necessary every day, cycling seems to suit my ankle, knee and hip joints very much better.’
    • ‘The ball and the socket join to form the new hip joint.’
    • ‘Its anterior branch supplies sensation to the hip joint and the mid to proximal medial thigh.’
    • ‘Stability of the right sacroiliac and hip joints was preserved.’
    • ‘The centre of mass of the body is at the hip joints.’


hip joint

/ˈhip ˌjoint/ /ˈhɪp ˌdʒɔɪnt/