Definition of hirple in English:



Scottish, Northern English no object, with adverbial of direction
  • Walk with a limp; hobble.

    ‘Donald hirpled out to greet him’
    • ‘Learning to walk again, hirpling on crutches and climbing up stairs with these supports were all experiences that initially filled him full of dread.’
    • ‘Chapman magazine, founded in 1970, is hirpling toward its 100th issue.’
    • ‘Many former players hirpling around with knackered knees and hips have reason to rue the indiscriminate use of drugs.’
    • ‘At the moment of his ultimate triumph, Stein left the bench in Lisbon, and he can be seen hirpling away to the dressing room.’
    • ‘For the other point about skiers is that the blighters are always hirpling about on crutches.’
    • ‘After returning to the UK he more or less hopped and hirpled his way home from the south of England to Lewis.’
    • ‘He subsequently endured an endless winter hirpling from hospital ward to surgery room and X-ray department.’
    totter, teeter, toddle, hobble, shuffle, shamble, falter, walk haltingly, walk with difficulty, move falteringly, stumble, stagger, sway, lurch, reel


Late 15th century of unknown origin.