Definition of hissy in English:


(also hissy fit)

Pronunciation /ˈhisē/ /ˈhɪsi/


  • An angry outburst or tantrum.

    ‘It's funny, though, watching certain people throw hissies at the slightest mention of their name in anything but a meritorious sense.’
    • ‘Frank has a hissy and they rush off to find her something better, ending up, of course, with a classic black cocktail dress.’
    • ‘‘I think it's about time you two broke up this little hissy,’ she said lightly as Akito yelped with surprise and began struggling.’
    • ‘If Evan had been there he would have pitched a hissy.’
    • ‘And that would have been the end of it, had Jackie O not thrown a hissy, demanding the band apologise.’
    • ‘We're not sure if he blamed the monitors, but he's just thrown a little hissy, kicking all of them off the stage.’
    • ‘Now don't get in a little hissy about my injuries, I'm doing fine, and I can take care of myself, you should know that.’