Definition of histochemistry in English:



  • The branch of science concerned with the identification and distribution of the chemical constituents of tissues by means of stains, indicators, and microscopy.

    ‘This paper deals with the morphology, anatomy, histochemistry and biochemistry of the glandular hairs of S. jorullensis.’
    • ‘Similar results were observed when mast cells were stained red, using chloroacetate esterase histochemistry.’
    • ‘Our study of the anatomy and histochemistry of the seed coat has identified a number of potential dormancy mechanisms.’
    • ‘Fresh tissues were immediately used for histochemistry.’
    • ‘This offers the possibility of structural and mechanical correlation in the field and raises the possibility of field histochemistry.’



/ˌhistōˈkeməstrē/ /ˌhɪstoʊˈkɛməstri/