Definition of historicize in English:


transitive verb

(also British historicise)
[with object]
  • Treat or represent as historical.

    ‘he attempts periodically to historicize his text’
    • ‘he historicized freestyle with striking aptitude’
    • ‘The images, on the other hand, do less to historicize artistic representations of the veil and instead highlight recent art works.’
    • ‘The attempt to define and historicize Gary Hill's ‘video art’ becomes a difficult task as long as we are looking for its essence.’
    • ‘Ironically, therefore, Wallerstein's attempt to historicize the concept of a world system has been circumvented by his acolytes.’
    • ‘In historicizing the social division of labor, Marx demonstrated that classes are specific and historically determinate.’
    • ‘I thought I was only humorously historicizing issues of convenience in women's fashion.’
    • ‘I'm not talking about films that historicize graphic design.’
    • ‘The issue now lies in historicizing subjectivity in post-Song Chinese painting.’
    • ‘But this power is achieved by historicizing Chesnutt in a way that ignores important forces that recent scholarship has illuminated.’
    • ‘Instead her work employs the language and findings of psychologists' grief and trauma studies without historicizing those findings and terms.’
    • ‘In short, no documentary history or historical narrative has provided a thorough, definitive study historicizing basic writing.’
    • ‘Barkan's work is profoundly attentive to historical forces without, however, historicizing his objects of study to death.’
    • ‘In this statement, Harper contests racial essentialism by historicizing African American opportunities.’
    • ‘Bloch faces the problem of the ‘natural’ by historicizing it.’
    • ‘There is a price to be paid, however, for historicizing the big-name writers in this fashion.’
    • ‘I also agree that historicizing thoughts, patiently, carefully, is very important.’
    • ‘He thus also historicizes regulatory practices that have been said to have no market logic.’
    • ‘We need to know how racism operates in the art business because it is the business of art that defines and historicizes our culture.’
    • ‘She argues convincingly that anatomy must be historicized in a particular time, place, and locus of interests.’
    • ‘Indeed, it has been historicized so widely and in such large proportions that it may need to avoid epic resonances.’
    • ‘It is a Kantian conception that was then historicized by Hegel.’



/hiˈstôrəˌsīz/ /hɪˈstɔrəˌsaɪz/